Tax Services

Did you know that you can be taxed in every state you play in?  What constitutes a business expense for a professional athlete to write off? Taxes on athletes are an extremely complicated matter and First Team is aligned with several premier tax service professionals including AFP Consulting, whose expertise is tailored specifically to athletes in all leagues including: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS,and the PGA Tour.  These tax issues and complexities not only face multimillionaires, but also affects the coaches and athletes in the minor league level as well.

AFP Consulting's goal is to provide sound and ethical advise along with the peace of mind in knowing that their taxes are properly prepared and the government is not over taxing them. Services are focused on the individual's tax issue while protecting your best interest and income.

AFP Consulting provides: 

  1. Tax planning

  2. Tax and financial consulting

  3. Tax preparation for state and federal taxes

By having a network of tax service specialists around the country, players have access to several highly-qualified tax professionals to help make a very stressful and complicated yearly task, easy and stress free.