NFL Draft Preparation

You only have one chance to prepare for the biggest job interview of your life.  Elite performance training is essential to maximizing your potential in the pre-draft process.  Every day is about preparing for the rigors of the All-Star game, NFL Combine, and Pro day.  The focus is on speed, power and strength to maximize physical performance while getting the body 100% recovered from the grind of the past season. 

Our nationally acclaimed training centers employ a team of experts to provide:

Performance Training Combine-Specific Training
- Individualized nutrition preparation - Combine drills
- Soft tissue massage - On-field & video coaching sessions
- Elite strength and speed coaching - Wonderlic test/prep
- On site meal services training - Media
- Full rehab with board certified specialists     - Practice interviewing/prep
- Cold/hot tubs for regeneration  
- Video analysis  

* Individualized Pre-Draft Game Plan for Each Client.  Every player is different and we cater a unique approach to marketing and representing each of our clients throughout the draft process with the ultimate goal of positioning the client to be drafted as high as possible.  We maintain relationships with scouts and front office personnel from all 32 teams that allow us to communicate frequently about each individual client.  Information is key!  We learn the athletes perceived strengths and weaknesses directly from the teams at the onset of the training process in order to set training goals to enhance strengths and improve perceived weaknesses.

The NFL combine is an opportunity for both First Team and the client to further enhance the clients draft stock. We work behind the scenes networking with teams to determine their draft needs while the client participates in football related drills and one-on-one interviews. 

Following the Combine and Pro Day, we prepare our clients for NFL team visits and workouts.  We accompany our athletes every step of the way!