No sports management company is identical to another. At First Team Sports Group, we are uniquely qualified to serve our clients in a manner befitting their needs. Personal attention is a prime focus for us and we offer a unique, individualized approach to representing each client based on the athlete's personality and current professional situation.

Preparation. We maintain relationships with leading conditioning and strengh trainers, nutritionists, former NFL players, marketing firms, and financial services companies. By following our custom, full-spectrum training regimen, you will be well prepared for the NFL combine and draft. An improved draft position equates to more money in the clients pocket.

We do not negatively recruit. We are proud of our service offering and do not need to bad-mouth other agents and management companies.

Superior negotiatior experience. Having negotiated over 60 contracts, Jerry Marlatt ensures clients receive a contract with favorable terms and the most up front, guaranteed dollars possible.

Endorsements and Interactive Marketing efforts create additional revenue for our clients and provide a positive image. We fully "digitize" our clients, making effective use of the latest social networking platforms to connect them to businesses and fans alike.

Post-career counseling and financial planning. The average career in the NFL is only 3.5 years. We work closely with our athletes to cultivate and pursue opportunities that will provide employment opportunities following their playing career. Tax planning, investment strategies, and budgeting are essential to protecting and growing the money you've worked so hard to earn.

Clients are family and we take care of family. We are available 24/7 to listen to concerns, to mentor, and to encourage.